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van Dongen, J.E.F. (author), Phaff, J.C. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
In four types of newly built single family dwellings and in apartments of a block of flats in the Netherlands, the behaviour and motivations of the occupants are studied with respect to their response to heating and ventilation, as well as their judgment on indoor air and climate variables such as tobacco smoke, cooking smells, vapour, mould,...
conference paper 1989
Miedema, H.M.E. (author), van den Berg, R. (author), Nederlands Instituut voor Praeventieve Gezondheidszorg TNO (author)
A study concerning tramway noise is described and results are presented. The study consisted of a social survey and a noise measurement program. It appeared that tramway noise does not contribute to the annoyance of the total noise if tramway annoyance is substantially below road traffic annoyance (one or two points and more on a five-point...
article 1988