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Schelvis, R.M.C. (author)
Good education advances our knowledge-based society. Good education will become excellent education if the general level of teaching is improved. And the level of teaching will more easily improve if the school organization is functioning well. However, this improvement in the level of teaching is challenged by the high level of work stress...
doctoral thesis 2017
de Wind, A. (author)
Many developed countries are confronted with ageing populations, due to the increase in life expectancy and long-term decline in fertility rates. As a consequence, the ratio of the retired elderly to the active working population increases. This puts a pressure on the social security system, and causes tension in the solidarity between...
doctoral thesis 2016
Wagenaar, A.F. (author)
Since the mid-1980s there has been a remarkable growth in the share of temporary workers across the European Union. To date, this employer-initiated trend to become more flexible and cost-effective has resulted in over 25 million European temporary workers. As temporary employment is often not desired by the employee, given the fact that most...
doctoral thesis 2013