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Oeij, P.R.A. (author), van Vuuren, T. (author), Dhondt, S. (author), Gaspersz, J.B.R. (author), de Vroome, E.M.M. (author)
Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether insights into high reliability organizations (HROs) are useful for innovation management teams. HRO teams can keep failure to a minimum level due to high alertness and resilience. Project teams working on innovation management could benefit from HRO principles and thus reduce their...
article 2018
Oeij, P.R.A. (author)
Organising in a mindful way is key to helping innovation teams become more resilient and thereby increase the chances of innovation success. Organising in a mind-ful way, called ‘mindful infrastructure,’ implies creating the right conditions for teams to excel. To this end, four elements are crucial. When teams are 1) feeling psychological-ly...
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