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Vaas, F. (author), Žiauberyte-Jakštiene, R. (author), Oeij, P.R. (author)
Many practitioners find it problematic to understand and describe workplace innovation (WPI). Whereas there are well-known definitions of WPI, these remain highly abstract. We argue that, for practitioners, case examples of WPI best practices can be a valuable addition to these definitions. In this respect, based on our practical experience with...
article 2017
Oeij, P.R.A. (author), Vaas, F. (author)
Workplace innovation is an organisational capability, defined as a strategic renewal in organising and organisational behaviour. This capability may consist of four resources: strategic orientation, product-market improvement, flexible work and organising smarter. Workplace innovation is theoretically rooted in the resource-based view of the...
article 2016