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Aromaa, S. (author), Leino, S.P. (author), Reyes-Lecuona, A. (author), Frangakis, N. (author), Berglund, J. (author), Bosch, T. (author), van Rhijn, G. (author), Granholm, G. (author)
The manufacturing industry needs to adapt their product-services to meet customer requirements in today’s rapidly changing markets. This paper presents how technologies can support knowledge sharing and collaboration during product-service processes. This work was part of the European Union Useit-Wisely project and summaries demonstration...
conference paper 2018
Bosch, T. (author), Könemann, R. (author), de Cock, H. (author), van Rhijn, G. (author)
In this paper, we describe an experimental study that investigated the effects of electronic work instructions and AR based instructions (projected work instructions) on productivity, product quality and human operator workload. In a simulated assembly task, projected instructions on the work spot and operator guidance picking the correct...
conference paper 2017