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Oeij, P.R.A. (author)
Innovatieteams zijn succesvoller als hun werkomgeving 'mindful' is waardoor zij in staat zijn probleemsituaties op te lossen, zo blijkt uit het promotie-onderzoek van Peter Oeij. Hierdoor daalt de faalkans van innovatieprojecten en daarmee kunnen desinvesteringen worden verkleind. De slaagkans van innovatieprojecten neemt toe. Voor dit...
doctoral thesis 2017
Sanders, J.M.A.S. (author)
Sustainable employability has recently become a topical issue in HR literature. Two major developments are responsible for this increased attention. The first is contextual change, requiring businesses to adapt to faster changing markets, causing rapid shifts in the demand for labour and skills. These shifts have severe consequences for the...
doctoral thesis 2016
Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, S. (author)
This thesis provides new knowledge on how to design comfortable passenger seats and provides recommendations for design and research. Although the first studies on passenger seat comfort appeared already 40 years ago, the activities and context have changed since then. In this thesis, relationships have been mapped out between activities ...
doctoral thesis 2015