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Hogema, J.H. (author), Wewerinke, P.H. (author)
In the design and development of advanced vehicle control systems such as X-by-Wire (XBW), system safety is a crucial aspect. Failures in XBW can easily result in accidents. Therefore, methods and tools are needed to ensure fault-tolerant systems. Quantifying the consequence of an error is far from trivial, since the consequence is determined...
bookPart 2012
Hogema, J.H. (author), Wentink, M. (author), Bertollini, G.P. (author)
The use of large displacement yaw cueing is becoming more common as a part of the motion cueing in driving simulators. It is expected that driving behaviour, comfort and realism will be positively affected by adding a yaw table, especially during low-speed turning manoeuvres. We used TNO's advanced motion platform Desdemona to explore the...
conference paper 2012
Hoedemaeker, D.M. (author), Hogema, J.H. (author), Pauwelussen, J.J.A. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
A simulator study was performed to establish the effects of motorway environment complexity on driver distraction and workload. In this study environment complexity refers to the visual complexity of static objects on or next to the road and in its vicinity (e.g. traffic signs, buildings, advertisements…). It does not include traffic density or...
conference paper 2010