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Braeckman, L. (author), Venema, A. (author), Zoelen, S.A.V. (author), Hermans, L. (author), de Ridder, M. (author), Ergör, A. (author), Combining, O. (author), Diaeresis, A. (author), van der Laan, G. (author), van Dijk, F. (author)
OBJECTIVES: To increase knowledge and skills regarding occupational health surveillance and research in professionals. METHODS: Following the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation), several training modules have been designed and implemented in the course of 2016. Evaluation forms were distributed to 42...
article 2019
van Lint, C.L. (author), van der Boog, P.J.M. (author), Wang, W. (author), Brinkman, W.P. (author), Rövekamp, T.J.M. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Rabelink, T.J. (author), van Dijk, S. (author)
Background: After a kidney transplantation, patients have to visit the hospital often to monitor for early signs of graft rejection. Self-monitoring of creatinine in addition to blood pressure at home could alleviate the burden of frequent outpatient visits, but only if patients are willing to self-monitor and if they adhere to the self...
article 2015
Zeegers, M.P. (author), Nekeman, D. (author), Khan, H.S. (author), van Dijk, B.A.C. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), Schalken, J. (author), Shajahan, S. (author), Pearlman, A. (author), Oddoux, C. (author), van den Brandt, P.A. (author), Schouten, L.J. (author), Ostrer, H. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Background:Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Europe and the United States. Numerous studies have indicated genetics to have a major role in the aetiology of this disease; as much as 42% of the risk may be explained by heritable factors. Genome-wide association studies have detected an association between prostate...
article 2013
van Rhenen, W. (author), Schaufeli, W.B. (author), van Dijk, F.J.H. (author), Blonk, R.W.B. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objectives: The aim of this study is to examine the role of coping styles in sickness absence. In line with findings that contrast the reactive-passive focused strategies, problem-solving strategies are generally associated with positive results in terms of well-being and overall health outcomes; our hypothesis is that such strategies are...
article 2008
van Rhenen, W. (author), Blonk, R.W.B. (author), Schaufeli, W.B. (author), van Dijk, F.J.H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objectives: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of two brief preventive stress reduction programs - a cognitive focused program and a combined intervention of physical exercise and relaxation - on sickness absence in stressed and non-stressed employees working in various jobs in a telecom company. Methods: The study was...
article 2007
Prins Maurits Laboratorium TNO (author), van der Schans, M.J. (author), Polhuijs, M. (author), van Dijk, C. (author), Degenhardt, C.E.A.M. (author), Pleijsier, K. (author), Langenberg, J.P. (author), Benschop, H.P. (author)
The utility was explored of a new approach to detect retrospectively exposure to nerve agents by means of conversion of the inhibitor moiety bound to the active site of the enzyme BuChE in plasma with fluoride ions into a phosphofluoridate which is subsequently analyzed by means of gas chromatography (GC). This quantifies ≥0.01% inhibition of...
article 2004
Hildebrandt, V.H. (author), Bongers, P.M. (author), Dul, J. (author), van Dijk, F.J.H. (author), Kemper, H.C.G. (author), Arbeid (author)
Objectives: To assess the association between leisure time physical activity and musculoskeletal morbidity, as well as possible interactions with physical activity at work. Methods: A literature search was performed to collect all studies on musculoskeletal disorders in which physical activity was involved as a variable. Next, an analysis was...
article 2000
de Kort, W.L.A.M. (author), Post Uiterweer, H.W. (author), van Dijk, F.J.H. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
Five experienced occupational physicians independently reviewed the uniformly structured, concise records of 180 applicants who had applied for a job in one of three categories. All had undergone a pre-employment medical examination by the Governmental Occupational Health and Safety Service. Agreement was assessed by calculating the percentage...
article 1992
de Kort, W.L.A.M. (author), Fransman, L.G. (author), van Dijk, F.J.H. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
Several hundreds of thousands of preemployment medical examinations are performed in The Netherlands each year, with the objective of screening for obvious risks for the applicants or others. Neither the efficacy of these examinations nor determinants for rejection are known. Altogether 101,754 preemployment medical examinations of applicants...
article 1991
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