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Pelleboer, R.A.A. (author), Bontemps, S.T.H. (author), Verkerk, P.H. (author), van Dommelen, P. (author), Pereira, R.R. (author), van Wouwe, J.P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Aims: To estimate the incidence and clinical characteristics in hospital admissions due to dehydration or undernutrition and their laboratory evaluation and treatment outcome in exclusively breastfed infants. Methods: All hospital admissions during the first 3 months of life assessed by the Dutch Paediatric Surveillance Unit (DPSU) between mid...
article 2009
Verkerk, P.H. (author), Buitendijk, S.E. (author), Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P. (author)
Background. The validity of the results of studies using retrospectively collected information on exposures is often criticized, because cases may report differently from controls even if their true exposure status is the same. This study was performed to quantify the extent to which this effect (differential misclassification) may occur for...
article 1994