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Boermans, S.M. (author), Kamphuis, W. (author), Delahaij, R. (author), van den Berg, C. (author), Euwema, M.C. (author)
This article prospectively explores the effects of collective team work engagement and organizational constraints during military deployment on individual-level psychological outcomes afterwards. Participants were 971 Dutch peacekeepers within 93 teams who were deployed between the end of 2008 and beginning of 2010, for an average of 4 months,...
article 2014
van den Berg, C. (author), Delahaij, R. (author), Kamphuis, W. (author)
Psychological resilience is seen as a factor influencing soldiers’ performance, mental health, and long-term adaptation after deployment. Factors related to unit’s morale as evaluated by the Netherlands Morale Instrument were compared to soldiers mental health evaluation six months after return from deployment to Afghanistan. For this study the...
conference paper 2012
Kamphuis, W. (author), Venrooij, W. (author), van den Berg, C. (author)
In the current study, a model of psychological resilience was developed for the Netherlands Armed Forces and a number of important relations were tested using a longitudinal design. The model of resilience was based on a systematic literature review of resilience in high-risk professions and interviews with military domain experts. The model...
public lecture 2012