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Bezem, J. (author), Kocken, P. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), Theunissen, M.H.C. (author), Buitendijk, S.E. (author), Numans, M.E. (author)
Objectives A novel triage approach to routine assessments was introduced to improve the efficiency of Preventive Child Healthcare (PCH): PCH assistants carried out pre-assessments of all children and sent the children with suspected health problems to follow-up assessments conducted by a physician or nurse. This two-step approach differed from...
article 2017
Pannebakker, N.M. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), Kocken, P.L. (author)
article 2013
van der Ploeg, C.P.B. (author), Theunissen, M.H.C. (author), Broerse, A. (author), Bezem, J. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), Kocken, P.L. (author)
Abstracts Nederlands Congres Volksgezondheid 2012. Op 11 en 12 april jl. vond het Nederlands Congres Volksgezondheid plaats.
article 2012