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Deurloo, J.A. (author), van der Vlugt, I. (author), Maris, S. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), Lanting, C. (author)
article 2013
Beltman, M. (author), Deurloo, J.A. (author), van Leerdam, F.J.M. (author), Wierenga-van der Hoeven, C.J. (author), Bulk-Bunschoten, A.M.W. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author)
Continence problems can occur during childhood. This guideline is for the Dutch Youth Health Care (JGZ) and gives recommendations for the prevention, early detection and treatment of these problems. As a preventative measure advices for potty training should be started in children aged 18-24 months. If incontinence is present, it is important to...
article 2012
Deurloo, J.A. (author), Pin, R.R. (author), Fleuren, M.A.H. (author), van Gameren, H. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author)
report 2011