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Courage, W.M.G. (author), Dragt, R.C. (author), Pijpers, R.J.M. (author), Maljaars, J. (author), Walters, C.L. (author), van der Weijde, G.D. (author)
design driver for Offshore Wind Turbine (OWT) substructures and also has an im-pact on operational costs. During service life, inspections are required to detect fa-tigue cracks at an early stage. These cracks may need to be repaired. The costs of in-spections and repair are high for offshore structures. To reduce the cost of energy, it is...
article 2016
Darlow, M. (author), Paulissen, J.H. (author)
As part of an extensive renovation program, Arup Netherlands delivered engineering services for the strengthening and renovation of 8 large steel bridges in the Dutch highway network. Strengthening of the riveted splice connections at the ends of the hangers of a steel arch bridge on the Dutch A2 motorway represented a significant challenge to...
conference paper 2016