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Koene, F.G.H. (author), Oppenoortth, M. (author), Langedijk, R. (author)
This paper studies the level of improvement of building envelopes required to heat the Dutch housing stock using an energy supply without natural gas, such as a district heating network at lower supply temperature or a heat pump. We identified 35 building types to represent the Dutch housing stock of single-family dwellings. A 4R2C building...
conference paper 2021
Darlow, M. (author), Paulissen, J.H. (author)
As part of an extensive renovation program, Arup Netherlands delivered engineering services for the strengthening and renovation of 8 large steel bridges in the Dutch highway network. Strengthening of the riveted splice connections at the ends of the hangers of a steel arch bridge on the Dutch A2 motorway represented a significant challenge to...
conference paper 2016