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Schuten, G. (author), Leggedoor, J. (author), Polder, R.B. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
Corrosion of reinforcement in precast concrete ground floor elements containing mixed in chloride can cause considerable damage. This is a major problem in the Netherlands concerning a large number of privately owned houses. Conventional concrete repair is not acceptable because it does not provide sufficient durable safety. Cathodic protection...
conference paper 1999
Polder, R.B. (author), Nerland, O.C. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
An experimental study of cathodic protection (CP) was carried out with a conductive primer anode applied to specimens from a concrete bridge. The bridge was demolished after 30 years of service due to severe delaminations and reinforcement corrosion. Four specimens of approximately 1 m2 each were made and characterised by steel potential,...
conference paper 1998