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de Vente, W. (author), Kamphuis, J.H. (author), Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (author), Blonk, R.W.B. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Work-related stress is widespread and can lead to long-term absenteeism and work disability. Cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) has demonstrated effectiveness in treating psychopathology but has only rarely been tested in clinical samples with work-related stress. A randomized controlled trial was conducted to investigate the efficacy of CBT...
article 2008
Blanson Henkemans, O.A. (author), Keij, M. (author), Grootjen, M. (author), Kamphuis, M. (author), Dijkshoorn, A. (author)
Background: The StartingTogether program (in Dutch SamenStarten) is a family-centred method for early identification of social-emotional and behavioural problems in young children. Nurses in preventive child health care find it challenging to: determine family issues and need for care; provide education; refer to social services; increase parent...
article 2018