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van Kampen, J. (author), van der Beek, B.D. (author), Groeneweg, J. (author)
Organisations are looking for ways to gain insight into the level of safety in their company so that additional measures can be taken when necessary and the effectiveness of interventions can be measured. That said, measuring safety, health and the environment is not easy. A survey among members of the NVVK (the Dutch Society for Safety Science)...
conference paper 2013
Drupsteen, L. (author), Zwetsloot, G. (author), Groeneweg, J. (author)
Many organizations try to prevent reoccurrence of incidents by analyzing incidents and implement recommendations based in their findings. Unfortunately this approach is not without pitfalls. Between 'reporting' and 'evaluation of the effect of actions' there are several hurdles to be taken. Only by looking at all the steps in the process...
conference paper 2012
Groeneweg, J. (author), Hudson, P.T.W. (author), Vandevis, T. (author), Lancioni, G.E. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
This paper will discuss the results of a study outside the petrochemical industry (Vandevis (2008), but the results may have a profound effect on the way organizations try to influence their safety climate by setting so called SMART goals. It was conducted within the electrical high voltage contracting industry in Ontario, Canada and the...
conference paper 2010