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Sijs, J. (author), Fletcher, J. (author)
Robotic systems operating in the real world would benefit from a clear semantic model to understand the real world. Such semantics are typically captured in a knowledge structure. The speed at which robots need to update their real-world knowledge (because of new sensory observations) prevented the use of complex knowledge structures, due to...
conference paper 2021
Elfring, J. (author), Appeldoorn, R. (author), van den Dries, S. (author), Kwakkernaat, M. (author)
The number of perception sensors on automated vehicles increases due to the increasing number of advanced driver assistance system functions and their increasing complexity. Furthermore, fail-safe systems require redundancy, thereby increasing the number of sensors even further. A one-size-fits-all multisensor data fusion architecture is not...
article 2016
Kroon, J. (author), van Klaveren, R. (author), Rothkrantz, L. (author), de Bruin, D. (author), Nelisse, M. (author)
An advanced driver assistance system has been developed, based on a vehicle to vehicle communication system. It is able to control the longitudinal movement in a stop-and-go traffic situation and its purpose is to improve traffic safety, traffic flow and driver comfort. A concept architecture has been developed that uses a world-model to make...
conference paper 2004