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Hou, Q. (author), Tijsseling, A.S. (author), Laanearu, J. (author), Annus, I. (author), Koppel, T. (author), Bergant, A. (author), Vučković, S. (author), Anderson, A. (author), van 't Westende, J.M.C. (author)
This study presents the results from detailed experiments of the two-phase pressurized flow behavior during the rapid filling of a large-scale pipeline. The physical scale of this experiment is close to the practical situation in many industrial plants. Pressure transducers, water-level meters, thermometers, void fraction meters, and flow meters...
article 2014
Zijl, W. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Homogeneous effective permeabilities in the near-well region are generally obtained using analytical solutions for transient flow. In contrast, this paper focuses on heterogeneous permeability obtained from steady flow solutions, although extensions to unsteady flow are introduced too. Exterior calculus and its discretized form have been used as...
article 2007
Habing, R.A. (author), Peters, M.C.A.M. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
This paper presents an experimental method for validating traditional compressor valve theory for unsteady flow conditions. Traditional valve theory considers the flow force acting on the plate and the flow rate as quasi-steady variables. These variables are related via semi-empirical coefficients which are determined by steady flow experiments....
article 2006