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van Heteren, S. (author), Meekes, J.A.C. (author), Bakker, M.A.J. (author), Gaffney, V. (author), Fitch, S. (author), Gearey, B.R. (author), Paap, B.F. (author)
The North Sea subsurface shows the marks of long-term tectonic subsidence. Much of it contains a thick record of glacial and interglacial deposits and landscapes, formed during multiple glacial cycles and the associated regressions and transgressions during the past two million years. At times of lower sea level than today, areas that are...
article 2014
Hijma, M.P. (author), van der Spek, A.J.F. (author), van Heteren, S. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
A proper understanding of coastal development during periods of rapid sea-level rise is a prerequisite for the prediction of future coastal response to the expected acceleration in sea-level rise. However, the development of back-barrier basins, especially in river-mouth areas, during such periods is still not well understood. Here we show the...
article 2010