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TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author), Donselaar, M.E. (author), Geel, C.R. (author)
The size, shape and spatial position of lithofacies types (or facies architecture) in a tidal estuarine basin are complex and therefore difficult to model. The tidal currents in the basin concentrate sand-sized sediment in a branching pattern of tidal channels and fringing tidal flats. Away from the sandy tidal flats the sediment gradually...
article 2007
Lam, F.P.A. (author), Maas, L.R.M. (author), Gerkema, T. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
Theoretical and laboratory models show that internal-wave energy in continuously stratified fluids propagates in the vertical plane, at an angle set by the wave, buoyancy and Coriolis frequencies. Repeated Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler observations on three transects, crossing the shelf edge, now directly reveal this beam-wise propagation of...
article 2004