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Ettwig, J.F. (author), Bronkhorst, A.W. (author)
In four experiments, we studied the time course of interference between detection of an oddball orientation target (OT) in an 8-item circular search display, and identification of a letter target (LT) in a central stream of distractor letters. Dual-task performance for different temporal lags between targets was compared to single-task...
article 2015
Koelewijn, T. (author), Bronkhorst, A. (author), Theeuwes, J. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
There is debate in the crossmodal cueing literature as to whether capture of visual attention by means of sound is a fully automatic process. Recent studies show that when visual attention is endogenously focused sound still captures attention. The current study investigated whether there is interaction between exogenous auditory and visual...
article 2009