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Alvarez, C.M. (author), Ligthart, T. (author)
PurposeThis literature review aims to present the current methodologies that have been developed to perform a social life cycle assessment (sLCA) and to display the main differences among them. In addition to that, to identify the nexus between sLCA and circular economy (CE) and to what extent this life cycle technique has been involved within...
article 2021
Hille, E.T.M. (author), Dorrepaal, C. (author), Perenboom, R. (author), Gravenhorst, J.B. (author), Brand, R. (author), Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: To assess social lifestyle, risk-taking behavior, and psychopathology in young adults born very preterm or with a very low birthweight. Study design: This study was part of the 19-year follow-up in a large ongoing collaborative study in the Netherlands (the POPS study) on the long-term outcome of prematurity and dysmaturity. 656...
article 2008
Nederlands Instituut voor Praeventieve Gezondheidszorg TNO (author), Lindeman, H.E. (author), Platenburg-Gits, F.A. (author)
Difficulties in understanding speech can increase progressively from 60 years of age. This means that by 70 years of age the handicap becomes quite clear and for those over 70 it is unmistakable. One assumes that the elderly have less need to communicate but the opposite is true: because of the often enforced decrease in physical activity,...
article 1991