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Kamphuis, I.G. (author), Wijbenga, J.P. (author), van der Veen, J.S. (author), Macdougall, P. (author), Faeth, M. (author)
Agent based techniques are used to coordinate demand and supply for increasing the embedding capacity of dispersed, badly predictable, renewable energy based power systems. VPPs (Virtual Power Plants) using this technology have demonstrated their feasibility in field tests and currently are scaled up to satisfy requirements for massive rollout ...
conference paper 2015
Zhao, D. (author), Serdijn, W.A. (author), Huang, L. (author), Dolmans, G. (author)
The wide range of wireless body area network (WBAN) applications gives rise to different system requirements for the carrier frequencies and data rates. In order to accommodate various standards in WBAN applications, a universal receiver system with good performance and low power is highly desirable. The subsampling receiver architecture is one...
conference paper 2011