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Schlüter, U. (author), Arnold, S. (author), Borghi, F. (author), Cherrie, J. (author), Fransman, W. (author), Heussen, H. (author), Jayjock, M. (author), Jensen, K.A. (author), Koivisto, J. (author), Koppisch, D. (author), Meyer, J. (author), Spinazzè, A. (author), Tanarro, C. (author), Verpaele, S. (author), von Goetz, N. (author)
On 20 October 2020, the Working Group “Exposure Models” of the Europe Regional Chapter of the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES Europe) organised an online workshop to discuss the theoretical background of models for the assessment of occupational exposure to chemicals. In this report, participants of the workshop with an active...
article 2022
Schneider, T. (author), Brouwer, D.H. (author), Koponen, I.K. (author), Jensen, K.A. (author), Fransman, W. (author), van Duuren-Stuurman, B. (author), van Tongeren, M. (author), Tielemans, E. (author)
As workplace air measurements of manufactured nanoparticles are relatively expensive to conduct, models can be helpful for a first tier assessment of exposure. A conceptual model was developed to give a framework for such models. The basis for the model is an analysis of the fate and underlying mechanisms of nanoparticles emitted by a source...
article 2011
Tielemans, E. (author), Schneider, T. (author), Goede, H. (author), Tischer, M. (author), Warren, N. (author), Kromhout, H. (author), van Tongeren, M. (author), van Hemmen, J. (author), Cherrie, J.W. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The present paper proposes a source-receptor model to schematically describe inhalation exposure to help understand the complex processes leading to inhalation of hazardous substances. The model considers a stepwise transfer of a contaminant from the source to the receptor. The conceptual model is constructed using three components, i.e. (i) the...
article 2008