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Pronk, A. (author), Loh, M. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Albin, M. (author), Selander, J. (author), Godderis, L. (author), Ghosh, M. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author), Peters, S. (author), Sivesind Mehlum, I. (author), Turner, M. (author), Schlunssen, V. (author), Goldberg, M. (author), Kogevinas, M. (author), Harding, B. (author), Solovieva, S. (author), Garani-Papadatos, T. (author), van Tongeren, M. (author), Stierum, R. (author)
Exposures at work have a major impact on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Current risk reduction policies and strategies are informed by existing scientific evidence, which is limited due to the challenges of studying the complex relationship between exposure at work and outside work and health. We define the working life exposome as all...
article 2022
Korkin, A. (author), Mueller, P. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author)
article 2015
Popescu-Belis, A. (author), Poller, P. (author), Kilgour, J. (author), Boertjes, E. (author), Carletta, J. (author), Castronovo, S. (author), Fapso, M. (author), Flynn, M. (author), Nanchen, A. (author), Wilson, T. (author), de Wit, J. (author), Yazdan, M. (author)
The AMIDA Automatic Content Linking Device (ACLD) monitors a conversation using automatic speech recognition (ASR), and uses the detected words to retrieve documents that are of potential use to the participants in the conversation. The document set that is available includes project related documents such as reports, memos or emails, as well as...
conference paper 2009