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van Wijngaarden, S.J. (author), Bronkhorst, A.W. (author), Houtgast, T. (author), Steeneken, H.J.M. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
While the Speech Transmission Index ~STI! is widely applied for prediction of speech intelligibility in room acoustics and telecommunication engineering, it is unclear how to interpret STI values when non-native talkers or listeners are involved. Based on subjectively measured psychometric functions for sentence intelligibility in noise, for...
article 2004
Verhave, J.A. (author), Steeneken, H.J.M. (author), van Wijngaarden, S.J. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
Actieve geluidsreductie (ANR) is, mits goed toegepast, een waardevolle aanvulling op passieve gehoorbescherming.
article 2002
van Wijngaarden, S.J. (author), Agterhuis, E. (author), Steeneken, H.J.M. (author), TNO Human Factors (author)
A laboratory model of the wireless "Communications EarPlug" (w-CEP) was developed. Standard communication earplugs (using wires) are known to offer relatively good intelligibility of intercom speech at high ambient noise levels. The intercom sound is produced by means of a commercially available miniature transducer, integrated in the earplug....
article 2000