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von Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (author), Aarts, G. (author), Sertlek, H.O. (author), Lucke, K. (author), Verboom, W.C. (author), Kastelein, R.A. (author), Ketten, D.R. (author), van Bemmelen, R. (author), Lam, F.P.A. (author), Kirkwood, R. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author)
(UXO) are still present in the North Sea. UXO are frequently accidentally encountered by fishermen and dredging vessels. Out of concern for human safety and to avoid damage to equipment and infrastructure from uncontrolled explosions, most reported UXO found in the Dutch Continental Shelf (DCS) are detonated in a controlled way. These underwater...
article 2015
Kastelein, R.A. (author), Helder-Hoek, L. (author), van de Voorde, S. (author), von Von Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (author), Lam, F.P.A. (author), Jansen, E. (author), de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author)
In seismic surveys, reflected sounds from airguns are used under water to detect gas and oil below the sea floor. The airguns produce broadband high-amplitude impulsive sounds, which may cause temporary or permanent threshold shifts (TTS or PTS) in cetaceans. The magnitude of the threshold shifts and the hearing frequencies at which they occur...
article 2017
Heinis, F. (author), de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), Borst, W. (author), Vellinga, T. (author)
The Port of Rotterdam is expanding to meet the growing demand to accommodate large cargo vessels. The construction of Maasvlakte 2 (MV2) started in September 2008. One of the licensing conditions is the monitoring of the underwater sound produced during its construction, with an emphasis on the establishment of acoustic source levels of the...
article 2013