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Janssen, W.H. (author), Wierda, M. (author), van der Horst, A.R.A. (author)
This paper sets out by identifying five plausible stages in the automation of the road traffic system, ranging from the introduction of part systems that support specific task components (navigation, collision avoidance) to full automation of roads and vehicles. It is then attempted to predict how drivers will respond to each successive stage of...
article 1995
Banta, H.D. (author), Gelijns, A.C. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Future and emerging health care technologies are increasingly high-impact events for society in terms of the quality and costs of health care. They raise issues of efficacy, safety, resource allocation, ethics, impact on the organization and delivery of care, and broad social effects. This article describes an analysis of future and emerging...
article 1994
van de Water, H.P.A. (author), Davidse, W. (author), Kastelein, M. (author), Bergsma, E.W. (author), Nederlands Instituut voor Praeventieve Gezondheidszorg TNO (author)
article 1992