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Verwei, M. (author), Freidig, A.P. (author), Havenaar, R. (author), Groten, J.P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The nutritional quality of new functional or fortified food products depends on the bioavailability of the nutrient(s) in the human body. Bioavailability is often determined in human intervention studies by measurements of plasma or serum profiles over a certain time period. These studies are time and cost consuming and often appear to lack an...
article 2006
Konings, E.J.M. (author), Troost, F.J. (author), Castenmiller, J.J.M. (author), Roomans, H.H.S. (author), van den Brandt, P.A. (author), Saris, W.H.M. (author)
Our knowledge on the absorption of folate is incomplete. The deconjugation process as a possible limiting factor in the absorption of folates was investigated. The study also attempted to validate the use of the area under the serum response curve (AUC) from food compared with folic acid as a proxy variable for food folate bioavailability....
article 2002