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Mora, J. (author), Willems, F.P.T. (author), Seykens, X.L.J. (author), Guardiola, C. (author)
The most recent regulation for diesel engines with regards to NOx emissions and SCR systems considers stringent OBD requirements. In this paper, an observer of the ageing state is developed considering NO, NO2 and NH3 concentrations, the surface coverage ratio θNH3, and the ammonia storage capacity Ω as states. The observer is based on an...
article 2018
Willems, F.P.T. (author), Mentink, P.R. (author), Kupper, F. (author), van den Eijnden, E.A.C. (author)
The potential of a cost-based optimization method is experimentally demonstrated on a Euro-VI heavy-duty diesel engine. Based on the actual engine-aftertreatment state, this model-based Integrated Emission Management (IEM) strategy minimizes operational (fuel and AdBlue) costs within emission constraints by real-time computation of optimal air...
conference paper 2013
Willems, F.P.T. (author), Kupper, F. (author), Cloudt, R.P.M. (author)
This study presents an integrated energy and emission management strategy for an Euro-VI diesel engine with Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system. This Integrated Powertrain Control (IPC) strategy optimizes the CO2-NOx trade-off by minimizing the operational costs associated with fuel and AdBlue consumption. The main contribution of this work is that...
conference paper 2012