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Drouet, L. (author), Bosetti, V. (author), Padoan, S.A. (author), Reis, L.A. (author), Bertram, C. (author), Della Longa, F. (author), Despres, J. (author), Emmerling, J. (author), Fosse, F. (author), Fragkiadakis, K. (author), Frank, S. (author), Fricko, O. (author), Fujimori, S. (author), Harmsen, M. (author), Krey, V. (author), Oshiro, K. (author), Nogueira, L.P. (author), Paroussos, L. (author), Piontek, F. (author), Riahi, K. (author), Rochedo, P.R.R. (author), Schaeffer, R. (author), Takakura, J. (author), van der Wijst, K.-I. (author), van der Zwaan, B. (author), van Vuuren, D. (author), Vrontisi, Z. (author), Weitzel, M. (author), Zakeri, B. (author), Tavoni, M. (author)
Mitigation pathways exploring end-of-century temperature targets often entail temperature overshoot. Little is known about the additional climate risks generated by overshooting temperature. Here we assessed the benefits of limiting overshoot. We computed the probabilistic impacts for different warming targets and overshoot levels on the basis...
article 2021
Landa, G. (author), Hamdi-Cherif, M. (author), Saussay, A. (author)
article 2020
Tukker, A. (author), Ekins, P. (author)
article 2019