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Kartaram, S. (author), Mensink, M. (author), Teunis, M. (author), Schoen, E. (author), Witte, G. (author), Janssen Duijghuijsen, L. (author), Verschuren, M. (author), Mohrmann, K. (author), M'Rabet, L. (author), Knipping, K. (author), Wittink, H. (author), van Helvoort, A. (author), Garssen, J. (author), Witkamp, R. (author), Pieters, R. (author), van Norren, K. (author)
Background & aims: Plasma citrulline concentration is considered to be a marker for enterocyte metabolic mass and to reflect its reduction as may occur during intestinal dysfunction. Strenuous exercise can act as a stressor to induce small intestinal injury. Our previous studies suggest that this comprises the intestinal ability to produce...
article 2019
Stierum, R. (author), Gaspari, M. (author), Dommels, Y. (author), Ouatas, T. (author), Pluk, H. (author), Jespersen, S. (author), Vogels, J. (author), Verhoeckx, K. (author), Groten, J. (author), van Ommen, B. (author)
Here, we describe a proteomics approach to study protein expression changes in differentiating Caco-2 cells. Caco-2 is a colorectal carcinoma cell line, which upon differentiation loses its tumorigenic phenotype and displays characteristics of mature enterocytes, including brush borders with microvilli. Cells were grown in culture flasks and...
article 2003
Haider, A.W. (author), Andreotti, F. (author), Hackett, D.R. (author), Tousoulis, D. (author), Kluft, C. (author), Maseri, A. (author), Davies, G.J. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
Objectives. This study investigated the influence of early spontaneous intermittent reperfusion on the extent of myocardial damage and its relation to endogenous hemostatic activity, Background. In the early phase of acute myocardial infarction coronary occlusion is often intermittent, even before thrombolytic therapy is administered. The...
article 1995