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Koster, K. (author), Erkens, G. (author), Zwanenburg, C. (author)
Land subsidence threatens many coastal areas. Quantifying current and predicting future subsidence are essential to sustain the viability of these areas with respect to rising sea levels. Despite its scale and severity, methods to quantify subsidence are scarce. In peat-rich subsidence hot spots, subsidence is often caused by peat compression....
article 2016
TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author), Donselaar, M.E. (author), Geel, C.R. (author)
The size, shape and spatial position of lithofacies types (or facies architecture) in a tidal estuarine basin are complex and therefore difficult to model. The tidal currents in the basin concentrate sand-sized sediment in a branching pattern of tidal channels and fringing tidal flats. Away from the sandy tidal flats the sediment gradually...
article 2007