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Kastelein, R.A. (author), de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Tougaard, J. (author), Helder-Hoek, L. (author), Defillet, L.N. (author)
article 2022
Kastelein, R.A. (author), Verboom, W.C. (author), Muijsers, M. (author), Jennings, N.V. (author), van der Heul, S. (author)
To prevent grounding of ships and collisions between ships in shallow coastal waters, an underwater data collection and communication network is currently under development: Acoustic Communication network for Monitoring of underwater Environment in coastal areas (ACME). Marine mammals might be affected by ACME sounds since they use sounds of...
article 2005
de Leeuw, G. (author), Ambelas Skjøth, C. (author), Hertel, O. (author), Jickells, T. (author), Spokes, L. (author), Vignati, E. (author), Frohn, L. (author), Frydendall, J. (author), Schulz, M. (author), Tamm, S. (author), Sørensen, L.L. (author), Kunz, G.J. (author)
The flux of nitrogen species from the atmosphere into the ocean, with emphasis on coastal waters, was addressed during the ANICE project (Atmospheric Nitrogen Inputs into the Coastal Ecosystem). ANICE focused on quantifying the deposition of atmospheric inputs of inorganic nitrogen compounds (HNO3, NO3-, NH3 and NH4+) into the North Sea and the...
article 2003