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Duipmans, L. (author), Struiksma, R.E. (author), Klumperink, E.A.M. (author), Nauta, B. (author), van Vliet, F.E. (author)
N-path filters exploiting switched-series-R-C networks can realize high-Q blocking-tolerant band-pass filters. Moreover, their center frequency is flexibly programmable by a digital clock. Unfortunately, the time variant nature of these circuits also results in unwanted signal folding. This paper proves analytically that folding can be reduced...
article 2015
van den Steen, L. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
An expression is derived for the computation of the time average of a function f(t). Based on this expression, a principle is discussed realizing continuous computation of the time average of the input signal. Some practical circuits are discussed. These circuits offer several advantages over classical solutions. An expression is derived for the...
article 1981