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de Vries, J.D. (author), Claessens, B.J.C. (author), van Hooff, M.L.M. (author), Geurts, S.A.E. (author), van den Bossche, S.N.J. (author), Kompier, A.J. (author)
Purpose This longitudinal study examined ‘normal’, ‘reversed’, and ‘reciprocal’ relationships between (1) physical activity and work-related fatigue; and (2) physical activity and task demands. Furthermore, the effects of across-time change in meaningful physical activity groups on levels of employees’ work-related fatigue and task demands were...
article 2016
Verdonk, P. (author), Hooftman, W.E. (author), van Veldhoven, M.J.P.M. (author), Boelens, L.R.M. (author), Koppes, L.L.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Purpose: This study aims to establish the prevalence of high work-related fatigue (need for recovery, NFR) among employees and to explain group differences categorized by gender, age, and education. The study particularly aims to clarify prevalence and explanatory factors in highly educated women. Methods: In 2005 and 2006, large representative...
article 2009