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Dalla Longa, F. (author), van der Zwaan, B.C.C. (author)
A large part of the population in many African countries lacks access to electricity, in contrast to the ambition of reaching universal energy access as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals. Off-grid electricity technologies have been proposed as an important means to solve this challenge. It is uncertain, however, at what rate these...
article 2021
Sahebi, S. (author), Nassiri, H. (author), van Wee, B. (author), Araghi, Y. (author)
Human error including driving misbehavior contributes to over 90 percent of road vehicle accidents, and speeding is considered to be risky. Smart technologies, such as Connected Vehicle System (CVS) are among the interesting technical options to improve driving behavior, and Pay-As-You-Speed (PAYS) is an effective economic incentive to reduce...
article 2019