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van Veenstra, A.F.E. (author), Kotterink, B. (author)
conference paper 2017
Veldhuis, G.A. (author), van Scheepstal, P.G.M. (author), Rouwette, E. (author), Logtens, T.W.A. (author)
When faced with wicked and messy problems, practitioners can rely on a variety of problem structuring methods (PSMs). Although previous efforts have been made to combine such methods with simulation, currently, few exist that integrate a simulation capability within problem structuring. Our integrated approach named MARVEL (method to analyse...
article 2015
Woolthuis, R.K. (author), Hooimeijer, F. (author), Bossink, B. (author), Mulder, G. (author), Brouwer, J. (author)
Sustainable urban development is a wicked problem. On the basis of three case studies, we conclude that institutional entrepreneurs play an important role in sustainable urban development. The question we address is how institutional entrepreneurs do this. We theorize and find six tactics that entrepreneurs employ to influence both formal and...
article 2013