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van den Heuvel, S.G. (author), Niks, I. (author)
In general, the relation between health and work participation is strong but ambiguous. In the Study on Transitions in Employment, Ability and Motivation (STREAM), this relation has often been studied. In this article, we summarize the results. Research questions were the following: how are health issues related to prolonged work participation?...
article 2019
van Vuuren, T. (author), Smulders, P. (author)
This article examines how job security is related to sustainable employability. It distinguishes between objective job security (or employment status) and subjective job security (satisfaction with job security). For the empirical analysis, we use the merged survey data sets of the Netherlands Working Conditions Survey and the Netherlands Self...
article 2018
Leijten, F.R.M (author)
Due to an ageing society, an increasing retirement age, and high prevalence of chronic health problems among older persons, it is important to understand how older employees [with health problems] can work for longer and productively, often this is termed ‘sustainable employability’. This context brought about the research presented in this...
doctoral thesis 2015