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Jin, Y. (author), Behrens, P. (author), Tukker, A. (author), Scherer, L. (author)
article 2022
Mons, M.N. (author), van der Wielen, J.M.L. (author), Blokker, E.J.M. (author), Sinclair, M.I. (author), Hulshof, K.F.A.M. (author), Dangendorf, F. (author), Hunter, P.R. (author), Medema, G.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The volume of cold tap water consumed is an essential element in quantitative microbial risk assessment. This paper presents a review of tap water consumption studies. Study designs were evaluated and statistical distributions were fitted to water consumption data from The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Australia. We conclude that the...
article 2007