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Ebem, D.U. (author), Beerends, J.G. (author), van Vugt, J. (author), Schmidmer, C. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), Uguru, J.O. (author)
The extent to which the modeling used in objective speech quality algorithms depends on the cultural background of listeners as well as on the language characteristics using American English and Igbo, an African tone language is investigated. Two different approaches were used in order to separate behavioral aspects from speech signal aspects....
article 2011
Drullman, R. (author), Bronkhorst, A.W. (author)
In a 3D auditory display sounds are presented over headphones in a way that they seem to originate from virtual sources in a space around the listener. This paper describes a study on the possible merits of such a display for bandlimited speech with respect to intelligibility and talker recognition against a background of competing voices....
article 2000