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Bui, T.C. (author), Singh, R. (author), OFarrell, T. (author), Scarano, G. (author), David, J.P.R. (author), Biagi, M. (author)
Multi-primary modulation scheme has the potential to provide robust visible light communication links and mitigate any color fluctuations by providing identical chromaticity modulation alphabets. This work describes constellation optimization technique for multi-primary modulation (MPM), which shows that using different power levels for the...
article 2022
López-Fraguas, E. (author), Arredondo, B. (author), Vega-Colado, C. (author), Pozo, G.D. (author), Najafi, M. (author), Martín-Martín, D. (author), Galagan, Y. (author), Sánchez-Pena, J.M. (author), Vergaz, R. (author), Romero, B. (author)
The past few years have seen a great increase in the development of Visible Light Communication systems (VLC), mainly triggered by the wide variety of situations they can be used in. These communication systems have traditionally employed inorganic light emitters and photodetectors. In this work, we present a VLC system using an organic emitter...
article 2019