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Lu, Y.J. (author), Zhang, H. (author), de Boer, M.H.T. (author), Ngo, C.W. (author)
Complex video event detection without visual examples is a very challenging issue in multimedia retrieval. We present a state-of-the-art framework for event search without any need of exemplar videos and textual metadata in search corpus. To perform event search given only query words, the core of our framework is a large, pre-built bank of...
conference paper 2016
TNO Industrie en Techniek (author), Snoek, C.G.M. (author), van Gemert, J.C. (author), Gevers, T. (author), Huurnink, B. (author), Koelma, D.C. (author), van Liempt, M. (author), de Rooij, O. (author), van de Sande, K.E.A. (author), Seinstra, F.J. (author), Smeulders, A.W.M. (author), Thean, A.H.C. (author), Veenman, C.J. (author), Worring, M. (author)
In this paper we describe our TRECVID 2006 experiments. The MediaMill team participated in two tasks: concept detection and search. For concept detection we use the MediaMill Challenge as experimental platform. The MediaMill Challenge divides the generic video indexing problem into a visual-only, textual-only, early fusion, late fusion, and...
conference paper 2006