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Curci, G. (author), Ferrero, L. (author), Tuccella, P. (author), Barnaba, F. (author), Angelini, F. (author), Bolzacchini, E. (author), Carbone, C. (author), Denier Van Der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Facchini, M.C. (author), Gobbi, G.P. (author), Kuenen, J.P.P. (author), Landi, T.C. (author), Perrino, C. (author), Perrone, M.G. (author), Sangiorgi, G. (author), Stocchi, P. (author)
Chemical and dynamical processes lead to the formation of aerosol layers in the upper planetary boundary layer (PBL) and above it. Through vertical mixing and entrainment into the PBL these layers may contribute to the ground-level particulate matter (PM); however, to date a quantitative assessment of such a contribution has not been carried out...
article 2015
van Noije, T.P.C. (author), le Sager, P. (author), Segers, A.J. (author), van Velthoven, P.F.J. (author), Krol, M.C. (author), Hazeleger, W. (author), Williams, A.G. (author), Chambers, S.D. (author)
We have integrated the atmospheric chemistry and transport model TM5 into the global climate model EC-Earth version 2.4. We present an overview of the TM5 model and the two-way data exchange between TM5 and the IFS model from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the atmospheric general circulation model of EC-Earth. In...
article 2014
aan de Brugh, J.M.J. (author), Henzing, J.S. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Morgan, W.T. (author), Coe, H. (author), Krol, M.C. (author)
An explanatory model study is presented on semi-volatile secondary inorganic aerosols on three clear days in May 2008 during the IMPACT campaign at the Cabauw tower in the Netherlands. A single column model in combination with the equilibrium aerosol model ISORROPIA is used. This model uses surface observations from IMPACT and calculates the gas...
article 2011