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Hoek, W.Z. (author), Lammertsma, E.I. (author), Bohncke, S.J.P. (author), Bos, J.A.A. (author), Bunnik, F.P.M. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Schokker, J. (author), Westerhoff, W.E. (author)
This study provides an overview of existing palynological and chronological data of the northern Meuse valley which have been collected over recent decades. The palynological data were used to make a vegetation reconstruction in time and space for the Lateglacial and early Holocene. The vegetation development is strongly influenced by the rapid...
article 2017
Looy, C.V. (author), Stevenson, R.A. (author), Van Hoof, T.B. (author), Mander, L. (author)
The Moscovian plant macroflora at Cottage Grove southeastern Illinois, USA, is a key example of Pennsylvanian (323-299 Million years ago) dryland vegetation. There is currently no palynological data fromthe same stratigraphic horizons as the plant macrofossils, leaves and other vegetative and reproductive structures, at this locality....
article 2014