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Vis, G.J. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Kroon, D. (author), Vandenberghe, J. (author), Jung, S. (author), Lebreiro, S.M. (author), Rodrigues, T. (author)
Quantification of sediment volumes in continental to deep ocean basins is key to understanding processes of sediment distribution in source-to-sink depositional systems. Using our own and published data we present the first quantification of sediment-volume changes in basins along the course of a major southwest European river during the...
article 2016
Peeters, J. (author), Busschers, F.S. (author), Stouthamer, E. (author)
This paper presents the current state of knowledge on the evolution and depositional history of the River Rhine in the southern part of the North Sea basin during the upper Middle and Late Pleistocene, and its response to climate change, sea-level oscillation and glacio-isostasy. The study focuses on the development of the Eemian interglacial...
article 2015
Tornqvist, T.E. (author), Wallinga, J. (author), Busschers, F.S. (author)
We investigated, by means of optical dating, the chronostratigraphic nature of the sequence boundary associated with the last glacial in a sandy to gravelly compound paleovalley fill, just landward of the highstand shoreline in the Rhine-Meuse Delta (Netherlands). Laterally extensive fluvial strata deposited during oxygen isotope stage 4, coeval...
article 2003