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Tous, L. (author), Govaert, J. (author), Harrison, S. (author), Carrière, C. (author), Barth, V. (author), Giglia, V. (author), Buchholz, F. (author), Chen, N. (author), Halm, A. (author), Faes, A. (author), Nogay, G. (author), Quest, H. (author), Roessler, T. (author), Fellmeth, T. (author), Reinwand, D. (author), Stolzenburg, H. (author), Schindler, F. (author), Mittag, M. (author), Morlier, A. (author), Bokalic, M. (author), Brecl, K. (author), Kikelj, M. (author), Topic, M. (author), Kester, J.C.P. (author), Wendlandt, S. (author), Galiazzo, M. (author), Voltan, A. (author), Galbiati, G. (author), Ortiga, M.E. (author), Torregrosa, F. (author), Grimm, M. (author), Denafas, J. (author), Radavicius, T. (author), Lukinskas, P. (author), Savisalo, T. (author), Regrettier, T. (author), Gordon, I. (author)
The EU crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV manufacturing industry has faced strong foreign competition in the last decade. To strive in this competitive environment and differentiate itself from the competition, the EU c-Si PV manufacturing industry needs to (1) focus on highly performing c-Si PV technologies, (2) include sustainability by design, and...
article 2023
Carr, A.J. (author), van den Tillaart, E. (author), Burgers, A.R. (author), Köhler, T. (author), Newman, B.K. (author)
Electric vehicles are destined to become the main form of people transport in the near future. They are noise and emission free with the potential to offer completely zero-emission use when the energy used to charge their batteries is generated from renewable resources. On-board PV, PV that is integrated into the body of the car is a novel...
conference paper 2020