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Streefkerk, J.W. (author), Houben, M. (author), van Amerongen, P. (author), ter Haar, F. (author), Dijk, J. (author)
Forensic professionals have to collect evidence at crime scenes quickly and without contamination. A handheld Augmented Reality (AR) annotation tool allows these users to virtually tag evidence traces at crime scenes and to review, share and export evidence lists. In an user walkthrough with this tool, eight end-users annotated a virtual crime...
bookPart 2013
Esch van-Bussemakers, M.P. (author), Cremers, A.H.M. (author)
This paper describes a user walkthrough that was conducted with an experimental multimodal dialogue system to access a multidimensional music database using a simulated mobile device (including a technically challenging four-PHANToM-setup). The main objectives of the user walkthrough were to assess user preferences for certain modalities (speech...
conference paper 2004