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Preuhs, K. (author), van Keulen, H. (author), Andree, R. (author), Wins, S. (author), van Empelen, P. (author)
Background: Many parents frequently struggle with undesirable or problematic behavior (ie, temper tantrums and whining) displayed by their child. To support parents in promoting positive parenting skills (ie, recognizing challenging situations and reacting appropriately), the interactive video e-learning tool ParentCoach was developed. The tool...
article 2022
Schmettow, M. (author), Schnittker, R. (author), Schraagen, J.M. (author)
This paper proposes and demonstrates an extended protocol for usability validation testing of medical devices. A review of currently used methods for the usability evaluation of medical devices revealed two main shortcomings. Firstly, the lack of methods to closely trace the interaction sequences and derive performance measures. Secondly, a...
article 2017
Schnittker, R. (author), Schmettow, M. (author), Verhoeven, F. (author), Schraagen, J.M.C. (author)
We validated the usability of a new infusion pump interface designed with a situated Cognitive Engineering approach by comparing it to a reference interface using a novel testing method employing repeated measurements and process measures, in addition to traditional outcome measures. The sample consisted of 25 nurses who performed eight critical...
article 2016